BIG3 Diary Series: Stephen Jackson

BIG3 Diary Series: Stephen Jackson


By Stephen Jackson

Al Harrington is one of my closest friends in the world, my best friend. We played together in the NBA for three years, with the Pacers and then the Warriors, and we’ve been tight ever since. Now that we’re together again in the BIG3, I’m kinda sorry we’re not on the same team. But then again, how awesome would it be to see our teams do battle in the league’s first-ever championship game in Las Vegas?

 Harrington plays for Trilogy, the league’s only undefeated team right now. I’m not surprised. Coming into the season, I knew he was going to be unstoppable. And I say that not just because he’s my friend, but because I know how hard he can play and I know how hard he is to guard. I knew he was gonna be a problem. And I said, if it wasn’t myself, he’s gonna be MVP of this league. He’s got great footwork for a guy who’s 6-9. He can shoot, dribble. He has the total package at that size.

His team is definitely a problem. But they know that we’re a problem, too. I heard Al say after the Week 2 games in Charlotte that my team, the Killer 3s, was still a championship contender even though we were 0-2 at the time. You know what? I have to agree with my good friend!

We didn’t have our co-captain, Chauncey Billups, when we played Trilogy in Week 1 – and we still could have pulled that game out.  In Week 2, we were up on Power by 12 in the second half when we made a bad substitution that gave Cuttino Mobley and his team the opening they needed to come back and win.

So with our backs against it in Week 3, we did everything we needed to do against a good Tri-State squad. We took advantage of mismatches. Reggie Evans came through big with a lot of big plays – 12 points, 18 rebounds. Chauncey – his name is Mr. Big Shot for a reason – he hit a timely 4-pointer to help us kind of seal the game, finished with a game-high 21. My shot wasn’t falling but I’ve got multiple ways to score, so I went down to the post and took advantage of those mismatches.

It was a much-needed win, and now I think we’re ready to get on a roll. Especially with the IQ of guys that we have on this team.

Chauncey is one of those guys who’s like a coach on the court, guiding us in the right direction. I’m blessed to have him – he makes the game easier for me. He sees things I don’t see when I have the ball. He’s one of those old-school point guards who controls the game, that can score, that can post up, just make plays. That’s what we need. I just hope he’s here all season. We need him to be successful and to be in Vegas at the end of the season.

And Reggie is big-time, too. When we drafted him, we knew we had the scoring taken care of with Chauncey. We needed somebody to come in with some hustle, with some energy. We needed somebody that was willing to get down there and bang with those big guys. And Reggie was the perfect guy for us. He can catch and finish around the basket. He’s cut from the same cloth me a Chauncey come from – just that attitude of being a dog out there on the court. I don’t think we could have found a better pick in the draft. Did you see him pull down those 18 boards last week? That was impressive!

If we can get Larry Hughes and Eddie Robinson rolling, we’re really going to be a problem.

I know things don’t get any easier for us this week when we take on Rashard Lewis, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and the 3-Headed Monsters, but we’ll be ready for them. Can’t wait. I wish we could play right now.

I’ll say this: We are having fun out there. I just love the game. My body feels great and I still can play at a high level – I feel like I can play in the NBA. This is what I look forward to.

I’m forever in debt to Ice Cube, Jeff Kwatinetz and Roger Mason Jr. for creating this platform for me and for guys like Al, who still want to play. This is everything for us.




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